Step #1: Contact us!

Contact us and we will help you get started on your CrossFit journey! You are also more than welcome to schedule a time to come and watch a group CrossFit class, check out our gym or talk with one of our coaches before you sign up to the newbeginners course. It’s easy, just click the link below!

Contact us to get started!

Step #2: Attend a Newbeginners course

Newbeginners courses run approximately every month. Contact us to learn when the next course will start! These courses are how we make sure everyone in our community understands our vision of the CrossFit program as well as being taught the fundamental movements – safely and consistently. If you have never done CrossFit before in a approved CrossFit Box (for at least 3 months), we ask that everyone completes our newbeginners course. If you are coming from another CrossFit box, we will schedule a private “crash course” 1,5 hours with you, to go overe all the ins and outs of how we do it here – this before you can begin booking normal classes.

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Our newbeginners course will cover The Squat Series – air squat, front squat and overhead squat, The Press Series – shoulder press, push press and push jerk and The Pulling Series – deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull and medicine ball clean. We also cover an introduction to Olympic lifting. Each session covers some auxiliary movements and includes a workout at the end.

Each session will unclude the follwing:


General warm up

Technique session of new movements

Workout of the Day

Cool down/stretching

You will be ready to jump right in to regular classes at CrossFit Moss after completing the newbeginners course.

Starting a new program can be intimidating and exciting. We are here to offer you a positive and encouraging environment to get fit and learn movement while working at your individual pace. You will leave your newbeginners class with the tools that you can use for a lifetime to stay healthy, fit, and happy. Plus we share a bunch of smiles, laughs and high fives, so come play!

Step #3: Set up your membership

We are happy and proud to have a “No Contract” policy.  We want you to be at our gym because you want to be there, not because you’re locked in to 4 more months or 8 more months.

Once you have completed the newbeginneres course with one of our coaches, we will help you set up your membership.

Got questions? We will gladly answer any questions you might have!


We love visitors, both from far and near!

The drop-in fee is 200 kr/class. We limit drop-ins to individuals who have 3+ months experience at a CrossFit affiliate.

We believe in ”old school CrossFit”. That to us means excellent coaching, a LOT of skill work and one workout a day. Rarely do we have both a strength piece and a metcon.

Our staff has much experience, education and also multiple CrossFit Specialty Certificates – so coaching is what we offer!

We are not currently offering Open Gym for drop-ins.

Schedule a drop in